Three fall Staples Every working girl needs

SUEDE MOTO JACKET: Aqua  |  CASHMERE SWEATER: Aqua  |  BELTED CIGARETTE PANTS: theory  |  POINTED-TOE PUMPS: Charles David (under $100 option HERE!)  |  RED LIP: Nars (Fire Down Below)

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Fall has officially graced us with its presence (although I’m having real mixed feelings about this bipolar weather situation, TBH), which can only indicate one thing: you’re finally pertaining to terms with the sorry state of your fall wardrobe.  If you’re like me, you’ve come to the conclusion that the ole closet is lacking some v important cold-weather pieces, or at the very least, in need of a severe pick-me-up. (Where are all my sweaters?  Didn’t I have jackets last year?  Could’ve sworn I wore jackets…)

For new Yorkers, the conundrum is even a lot more complex, as it’s a two-step process: (1) drag out storage boxes consisting of fall/winter wardrobe from storage unit and other odd nooks-turned-mini-storage-units in a lakás; and (2) reach the same aforementioned conclusion: NOT. ELÉG. ESIK.

Today, I’ve rounded up the top three wardrobe staples every working girl should refresh this season. Slow clap with me now…

#1 //  Versatile (super comfy) Wear-Everywhere Sweater
This staple is a no-brainer for the cooler seasons, and if you’re anything like me, it’s the same item that you’re pairing with trousers for the office and leggings for the weekend.  Pro tip: Check Aqua’s collection of cashmere sweaters at Bloomingdale’s and thank me later.  Today’s burgundy crewneck sweater is as easily dressed up for work (just add a classic trouser) as it is dressed down with denim, and it’s every bit as comfy as it looks.  It’s part of the Aqua cashmere collection at Bloomingdales which has a ton of different styles and fits, all of which offer high-quality cashmere at a very reasonable price.  (Cashmere for under $200?  Sign me up!)  I just gotten this one in color “toast” and this one in light grey.  DELISH.

#2 //  Staple Black Pants
A fresh pair of classic black pants are another evident pick for a fall closet refresh, but just wait until you try on these Theory cigarette pants.  incredibly versatile and très, très comfy, these beauties have the best updated high-waisted fit making them the optimal choice for in or out of the office.  They have a sleek tapered leg and seem to suck you in in all the ideal places up top.  I can see them layering under knee or thigh-high boots nicely as well.  FYI, they come with the waist belt, but it isn’t attached on so you can swap in a different belt when you’re feeling adventurous.

#3 //  Updated Moto Jacket
Pick numba three—the quintessential moto in an updated burgundy suede.  Everybody and their mother (maybe even grandma too at this point) has some iteration of the classic black leather moto jacket.  But considering that it’s so dang wearable (casual day at the office, weekend errands, Saturday night out…), this is the season to spring for a new, updated colored version like this opulent burgundy suede Moto.  Keep your eyes peeled for velvet Moto jackets too!

It’s worth noting that both the sweater and jacket I’m wearing today are from Bloomingdale’s 100% Exclusives collection, which as I’ve said before, is INSANELY good.  It’s stuff that is only sold at Bloomingdales (how sensational is this blouse?!), so it’s worth an extra look at items that you won’t come across at any other retailer.

SUEDE MOTO JACKET: Aqua  | CASHMERE SWEATER: Aqua  | BELTED CIGARETTE PANTS: Theory  | POINTED-TOE PUMPS: Charles David (under $100 option HERE!)  | Vörös ajkak: NARS (tűz alatt lent)

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Thanks to Bloomingdale’s for partnering on this post!

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